Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Cup of Tea

M. has a cough.  It is an obnoxious cough and quite distracting.  M. comes to school anyway and does not have a ride home if he is sick.

On such occasions it might be appropriate to serve hot tea.  This caped teacher found some organic lime tea that comes, amazingly, in the form of a dehydrated lime.  She bought it for herself, but the coughing M. is finding it quite soothing and is now able to focus on his work. 

**Note: Lest you feel that all is daisies and rainbows here, M. left his dirty cup on the counter once finished, coughed up a good-size phlegm ball the next day as well, and the caped teacher fell ill with the same cough within 24 hours.  Two sides... coin....

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