Monday, May 3, 2010

Quote of the Week

D. is working on an independent project that requires him to stretch a piece of vinyl across a square shape.  One of the corners keeps bunching up and misbehaving. R. is following our conversation:

D:  This is frustrating!  I can't get this corner to fit into the square.
Ms. M:  Are you feeling like you just keep trying to fit that corner into that square?
D: Yeah!
Ms. M: Feeling like you keep trying all sorts of things with that corner and that corner just doesn't want to go where you think the corner ought to go?
D: Yeah!
(getting a hopeful look in his eye--thinking he may be excused from the assignment due to ill-fitting corners)
Ms. M: Feeling like you've tried as hard as you can and that corner won't follow the rules that corners need to follow?
D: Yeah...?
(the light is dawning...)
Ms. M.:  Yeah, I know exactly how you feel.
D: Yeah...
R. (to D.):  And you're the corner.  

Thank you R., for driving it home for the Boss.

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  1. You are... amazing. I'd fallen behind a bit, but I'm all caught up now. The bagle/beagle/bugle story? All time classic. Again, I wish I was that fast on my feet...