Sunday, July 17, 2011

[Techie Tech] Tweetability

I took the plunge.  I started a Twitter account and linked it to Wear the Cape.  I thank SDAWP* and the National Writing Project for lighting a fire under my hiney and making me rethink my stance on Twittering (that it was evil and nasty and good-for-nuthin').  You can follow me by clicking to the right (somewhere--please try to figure it out.) I'm using Wear the Cape as my testing ground and researching uses for my classroom.  In fact, I'm doing that right this minute.  Right this very minute. So, peace out for now. More to come soon.  Honest to goodness.

*Note--I can also thank SDAWP for utilizing every single second of my time so far this Summer.  While I truly am thankful for everything I am learning and doing, I would like to divert all complaints regarding the lack of posting on this blog to SDAWP and their too-amazing-to-ignore Summer Institute.  Seriously.  ALL complaints go straight to them!


  1. Welcome to the twittersphere! Glad you took the plunge--now to find some great folks to follow.

  2. Spent lots of time with the NIWP--Northwest Inland Writing Project--and all of their stuff, although time-consuming and verging on the kind of intentness of purpose that I usually associate with my Golden Lab and her bouncy ball, proved to be challenging and worthwhile. Can't say that about many other "professional development opportunities". Their Summer Writing Retreat is where I semi-annually write all of my good poetry.

  3. Michael--I am learning so much I can barely hold it in my head. I'm quite certain my teaching is forever changed.