Wednesday, August 3, 2011

[Random] Glabrous

I am not making this up.  The word of the day on my word-of-the-day app is, indeed, glabrous*. Not only do I love-love-love new words, but check out this word map...

I am just fascinated by this.  So fascianted, in fact, that I just may pull all of my hair out and become glabrous. Won't that be glamorous?  I'll be a glamorous glabrous gal.  I crack myself up...

*Note--Glabrous does not appear to be in the spell-check dictionary.  I worried briefly that someone is fooling me into thinking this is a word, so I checked.  I'm a little sad that it is pronounced GLAY-brous*.  This does not rhyme with glamorous.  Aw well.

*Note-Within-a-Note--I had the same disappointment when I found out the word "wizened" is not pronounced WIZ-end.  My pronunciation just seems to fit the definition so much better.  I'n still recovering from the disappointment.

  • glabrous
  • audio pronunciation
  • \GLAY-brus\
: smooth; especially : having a surface without hairs or projections
Unlike the fuzzy peach, the nectarine has a glabrous skin.

"Wounds that involve the glabrous surface of the hand ideally are replaced with skin that possesses the same characteristics as the adjacent skin." -- From Thomas R. Hunt's 2010 book
(Operative Techniques in Hand, Wrist, and Forearm Surgery)

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