Tuesday, September 20, 2011

[Student Work] City Things

When asked to list 5-10 things they would put into a city they created, the pumpkin-heads came up with this:

A. --The Eclectic List
1. Skyscrapers
2. Trampoline for fun and to stay in shape.
3. Mexican food
4. A gym
5. Mall
6. Boxing arena
7. Houses
8. Garden
9. grocerie store
10. Buisnesses

D.--The Don't-Forget-the-Obvious List
1. stores
2. parks
3. houses
4. clothes
5. trees
6. sky
7. stars
8. birds
9. people
10. schools
11. cars
12. superheroes

M.--The I'm-Going-to-Have-the-Best -Freakin'-City-in-the-World List
1. underwater buildings and above water houses
2. a dinosaur real ones exibit in miniture form:)
3. no superheros except me.
5.anti gravity skateboards
6.a new facebook called face space
7.a jeanie just for me 3 wishes
8. the stuff that powers iron man as bullets for the military
9.you can never die till you want to and can change your age 10 times in your life
10.only a certain amount of people in my city so it wont get to crouded

A #2.--The No-Nonsense List
1. townhall
2. police station
3. post office
4. car wash
5. grocery store
6. trash place
7. recycle center
8. apartments
9. houses
10. condos

Loves me my Punkin' Heads!

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