Monday, May 14, 2012

[Survey Results] A Windfall

Well my caped friends, the results are in.  Here is the short version:

Survey Topic: Weekly Blog segments
Survey Duration: 5 days
Survey Participants: 44 page views, 10 responses
Summary of Results:
Well, truthfully, if I'm speaking to an audience of 10-44 people, I get to write about whatever I want!!!  Whoot!!!!  Taking into consideration a couple of very popular suggestions, here is the current blogging plan:

Mentor Text Monday (trust me, you'll love it)
Wear-the-Cape Wednesday
Friday Free-Day

I will also start working a few series:
When-I Was-a-Kid Series

Art Lessons and Ideas Series
Technology Tips Series
Think-About-It Series
Because-I-Said-So Series (kidding...)

Please feel free to give feedback any day or every day.  If I know someone is reading, maybe I'll be motivated to write!  Enjoy your lovely Monday.

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  1. Don't stop writing! Its who you are.