Friday, May 23, 2014

[New Favorite Things Friday] Bright Spots

This week I am loving things that are bright, shiny, or spots of happy in a day.

Crafty things and the time to play with them. 

Last weekend I spent some time playing with fabric. Fabric makes me happy. It's bright, soft, and it makes things! I make things because I love the chance to sit down with a goal and achieve that goal. It's true, I don't always finish the crafty things I start, but that's part of the fun!  A chance to NOT finish something is just as rejuvenating.

Mending a favorite gifted pillow:

New Learning!

Teachers crowded around their computers, learning new technology, excited about what they can do with it, and eager to share with their classrooms. This is one of the reasons I love my work. I miss daily interaction with kids, most certainly, but when I get to work with teachers like this, I can see the trade off!

Surprise compliments--giving and receiving. 

I typically adhere to the rule that if I think a compliment, I should say it. I often take people off guard with
this--I even get wary looks. But hey! We need more warm fuzzies in this world! This week I had the chance to give a few, but I also received a couple I wasn't expecting. They were compliments about my work and my teaching. I hadn't realized that I was wanting to hear that! It reminded me why I like to give them out so much!

A coffee shop that knows me. 

I often work in a coffee shop on my days off (shush. I like my work). There are a couple of folks at my local coffee shop that remember me (my bag actually--they like it). I like that. I used to make it a point to remember customers at my pop's grocery store, now I know why they liked it so much! We can be anonymous all day, but being remembered and welcomed is nice too.

What are your favorite things this week? Old things that are new again? New things that are... new? At work? At home?

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  1. I started to write about complimenting and then it got erased!
    Anyway... I Love finding and commenting on the good in everyone. I learned to note something unique in each student no matter how difficult it was to find-some people are just not that lovable. But when I paid compliments to my students on good manners or working hard on something, I noticed that they did it more and others around them followed the example. Positivity is contagious. Like when you rub two magnets together. Everyone becomes positively charged. Thanks for the blog. Love the photos of colorful fabrics and handcrafted items too.