Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Vignette...

The Scene: A classroom of middle school trouble-makers working on computers.  All is quiet (Really!  It was!  It was freetime so they were plugged-in and all quiet-like!),  Except, for R.  He has the hiccups...

Ms. M: Who has the hiccups?
Various Voices: R... It's R... R. has the hiccups.
R.:  Me... hiccup
Various Voices: You should cure them... R.--she can cure hiccups... Dude, cure his hiccups... It's one of her superpowers.
Ms. M: I can, but R. doesn't believe in my powers, so they don't work.
R.:  (scoffing noise) I believe.  Cure 'em.  
Another Student:  You really have to believe R.  Or it doesn't work.
R.: I believe!
Ms. M: I think, perhaps, I need my cape for this to work today.  You're a tough one R.(expectant silence whilst I don my cape and glittery red mask)* Are you ready? (Magic hiccup cure ensues...)**
R.:  ... (no hiccup)...  (mutters) Thanks.
Ms. M: (removing cape and mask, dusting off hands) That's how it's done my friends.
(smattering of applause... work resumes.)

*Blessings and many thanks to some fellow cape-wearers for the gift of this cape and mask.
 **Yeah,right! Like I was going to tell you the cure--it's totally a secret!

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