Sunday, July 7, 2013

[Photography] SDAWP Photo Voices--"Red"

This week for the SDAWP Photo Voices journey the theme was "red."  I think was my favorite week by far.  I loved having one theme for the week, focusing (no pun intended) on something for more than one day or one moment (usually a moment during my early morning puppy walk), and watching the photos "roll" in on Instagram and Twitter (pun intended that time, with a shout out to film photography).

Morning walks, cool drinks on hot days, fresh fruits, and flowers.  What a wonderfully #red week!

I used Picsart to create a collage of my "red" photos and will be linking up to the SDAWP Photo Voices "Red" post. Come see what we have and join the fun!

SDAWP Photo Voices

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  1. Hi Barb,

    Thanks for getting us started. I loved "red" this week--there is such variety in the photos folks have posted. Can't wait to see what people think of their own red collections.