Sunday, July 28, 2013

[SDAWP Photo Voices] "Green" Link Up

Hubris.  That's how I entered the "green" week with SDAWP Photo Voices--with hubris. Green? What a breeze! It's summer in San Diego! The place is positively brimming with green! Early into Day 1 I spied this leaf outside the SDAWP offices:

I didn't even the see  awesome bug on the bottom right hand side of the photo until later.  And veins on the leaf itself--who knew an iphone could do that? (Lot's of people, I think, but I'm new to it). 

The next day I had to look for green.  It turns out I wasn't accepting just any green, and it was limiting me.  Kim talked about this on her blog as well--I had set the bar too high with red. Green was stumping me and continued to do so.  I settled on my spray cleaner bottle, but felt like I was cheating:

A few days later I captured this bike outside Price Center and these books in Giesel Library though I never did post the books.

And here I am on Sunday evening with very little to show for it and a distinct feeling that I missed some gorgeous greens. In fact, let me tuck my hubris away for a moment, eat some humble pie, and go take a five-minute walk-about.  Let's see what I come up with...

About five minutes later...
Well then.  There it is.  A bumper crop of green.  I didn't even leave my front yard. My favorite is the one with the splash of red.  I'm a sucker for a pop of color. 

What did you find this week?  Link up at  the SDAWP Voices "Green" Link Up!

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  1. Hi Barb,

    I think we are raising the bar for ourselves--and I love the "go out and see what you can find in 5 minutes" challenge! I've got a new challenge brewing for us in August...hope to get it posted tomorrow!