Friday, November 19, 2010

European Studies

Final CountdownToday two of my kidlets were humming a few bars from Europe's "Final Countdown."  A third kidlet joined in.  While I was still agape (the adjective as opposed to the noun), they asked if they could listen to it.  I could feel a blue-pen-cap kind of experience coming on and let it happen.

The music started and the kidlets created a spontaneous airband.  We had a drummer, two guitarists, and a vocalist/trombone player/dancer.  I grabbed the video camera, and magic ensued.  I would very much like to show you the video, but cannot post it in any kind of public way.  THEY would very much like to show you the video but also cannot.  If you see me in person, or know how to find me, ask and I'll share it.

November is hard (see here for proof).  The week before Thanksgiving is hard.  The Friday before a full moon is hard (a.k.a. The Full Moonies).  Spontaneous airband renditions of The Final Countdown is a joy.


  1. Awesome. I actually watched the whole thing, which I honestly didn't expect.

  2. mememe! pick me! i want to see it!

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