Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Quote of the Week #7

Working on colors with a very young boy-child with no school experience...

Me: Show me green.
D: Green.
Me:  Good! Show me yellow (putting yellow and purple in front of him).
D: Green.
Me: That was green. Now show me yellow (pointing to yellow and purple).
D:  See the TV?
Me:  Yes.  Now show me yellow.
D:  I watch TV later?
Me: Yes, later.  Now show me yellow (lifting up yellow and putting it down).
D:  This is green.
Me:  Yes!  It is!  Now show me yellow.
D:  I lay down now.
Me: First show me yellow (pointing to yellow and purple)
D:  Yes I lay down.
Me: Do you have green?
D:  Yes.  This is green.
Me:  Good!  Now show me yellow...

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