Friday, July 16, 2010

We Do What We Can...

I have a request...

I am looking for a bunch of small flash drives for my students.  I was shopping online and realized that lots of companies seem to be handing out little flash drives with their logos on them for advertising.  I don't need tons of space on any one flash drive, just enough for each student to have an alternate save space for their work (because of a temperamental network).

So... my point?  I am wondering if any of you fine folks have any of those little, freebie, flash drives laying about your workspaces that you don't want.  Yes, this is, in effect, begging.  I am thinking though, that there may be more than one secret stash of practically useless flash drives around that you would like to recycle.  If this is the case, may I request that you send them my way?  I will gladly pay postage, or coffee, or...  well that's all I'd actually pay I think.

If, in your search for useless flash drives you find other useless objects you think a poverty-stricken classroom might use, I will gladly take it off your hands.  Budget cuts, you know...

Please feel free to ignore this message if you are thinking any of the following:
"Ummm... what?"
"Budget cuts?  I'll show you budget cuts!"
"Flash drive?  Useless?  Never!"
"Who IS this?"

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