Friday, July 9, 2010


It turns out that being a Caped Site Lead for summer school takes more energy than I thought.  Either that, or my expectation of energy expenditure was too low, and my actual energy expenditure was too high, resulting in an all-over slug-like laziness.

Anyhoo (yes, I will tell you about Nana and the "anyhoo"), I have a list running of deep-change-the-world questions I could talk to y'all about.  I will list them.  Then, perhaps, I will attempt to answer.  But not both in one day.  That would be too much!
  • Do Site Lead duties this year include more than bus issues and paper towel emergencies?
  • If you arrive at one of your sites to find a firetruck and a paramedic, are you allowed to be short-tempered with your office staff for not telling you why? 
  • How does this caped teacher plan for the teaching of two little boys who are home-bound due to illness?  How does this same teacher not scoop up said boys and hug them and squeeze them?
  • How does this caped teacher like her new haircut? What does it feel like to be "the principal lady with the purple hair?"
  • Why did I think my dog was trying to shake me awake from a nap today, when she was nowhere near me?
  • How cool is it that J. taught G. to how to sit in his chair?
  • How did one such as I learn to love polyester pants?
Those are the questions we all ponder, are they not?  Share thoughts if y'unta.  I still plan to answer at least some of them.  You may suggest which ones.

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  1. In no particular order:

    Very cool.
    Because polyester is forgiving. And undying.
    She has developed insane mind control.
    With patience and love, as you do all of your urchins.