Friday, March 14, 2014

[SOLSC] New Favorite Things Friday #2

I am taking part in the Slice of Life Story Challenge with Two Writing Teachers. For this challenge I will be attempting to write a "Slice of Life" post each day in the month of March and each Tuesday after that.

It's already Friday again!

My New Favorite Things this week are:

Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Book

My new terabyte-sized hard drive.

The team of testing coordinators that are working so diligently this month. I love working with dedicated professionals.

Driving the turbo marshmallow on a sunny day (even if there is traffic).

Looking toward a weekend of learning at ASCD.

Black coffee

How about you?


  1. One of my favorite things today...enjoying the 50 degree weather and shedding my coat getting out of the car at the grocery store.

  2. That it's Friday and I'm getting a. Massage tomorrow.

  3. Being able to drive home with my car window open!