Tuesday, March 11, 2014

[SOLSC] Phone Note--"good store ration city"

I am taking part in the Slice of Life Story Challenge with Two Writing Teachers. For this challenge I will be attempting to write a "Slice of Life" post each day in the month of March and each Tuesday after that

Message 3:
"good store ration city"

Translation: New store in National City

There is a new store near-ish my school district that was reported as the first health-food focused grocery store in the area. I thought that was worth noting, but now I can't find the article. I'm pretty sure it was called Big Ben and is in National City, CA.  I support the effort. If you're around, you might could too.

Message 4: 
"no writing on essay teeth"

Translation: No writing on SAT

It looks like they're taking the writing off of the SAT (or making it optional?). Two things about the segment were especially interesting.  First, that the writing portion was graded in such a way that with some quotes and some fancy words--even if they didn't go with the topic, a tester could score remarkably high. I found this an excellent example for when I am trying desperately to convince folks that we have over-proceduralized (not a word?) the teaching of writing. I am not one to focus on the negative or the could-have-beens and I won't do that here. I will use it as an example to support positive change though.

The second thing I noticed was the College Board is talking about aligning the SAT with the Common Core State Standards. Critics of this change don't want to see college entrance exams aligned with high school curriculum. It made me think two things--why not? and the CCSS aren't "curriculum."


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  1. I say, "Why not also." Let's make it is practical as possible. Writing, I think is the the most authentic way of looking at a student and what they might be capable of in college. xo